September 9th, 2013

On Worth New York with Kem Lindsay

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Kem Lindsay knows how to style a woman. For more than sixteen years in Sarasota she’s held a booming agency within the luxury Worth New York brand.  And, since she has her finger unerringly on the pulse of what’s trending, Kem has been invited to the sit on the company’s creative design team and even flown to Europe for a tour of the exclusive textile mill where they source fabrics.  Not only the same mill where Chanel buys but the very same room.

Recently, I was invited to tour the Worth New York HQ in New York City. I was incredibly skeptical that they could win me over. Honestly, my first thought was that it’s just not for me. But, I was entirely wrong. So much so that you’ll see me in the leopard trench this winter!  I love this line, it’s so well curated and thoughtfully designed; the details are impeccable. I’m now a major fan. // Click Here for More

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