September 16th, 2011


 bibhu mohapatra

Well, you had to know it was coming….a reflection and  report on Fashion Week.  The challenge with this blog was how to organize the coveted chaos of fashion’s biggest week. Frankly, it’s almost more than a girl can process into some form of cohesive shorthand.

So, to keep it light and take the edge off, here’s my couture compendium, complete with links to my fave designer slideshows and video clips.

You’ll get a clear picture on trends. Not to worry, no grand and brand new style revelations were introduced. But it will come as no surprise that color, prints, leather and jumpsuits have traction in the sartorial universe. And, if you’ve been asleep at the wheel while sequins were creeping around the bend, heads up: You’ll need something sparkly this season. // Click Here for MORE @


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