March 20th, 2017

Mark Your Calendar: Joan Juliet Buck Reading and Book Signing at the Sarasota Museum of Art

How does one begin an intro about a trailblazing woman who’s just penned a memoir that recounts her six fabulous decades spent jet-setting London, New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and beyond? Joan Juliet Buck is a force in the cult of fashion and beauty. And on one stop in particular–France –she made history as the first and only American woman ever to fill the coveted position of editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue. 

But even before Buck made a name for herself, she was born into a glamorous movie-star world as the daughter of  larger-than-life film producer Jules Buck. Her memoir, The Price of Illusion, is a captivating series of anecdotes about everything from her family life to the time she logged at French Vogue to how, after her dismissal, she slowly rebuilt her professional life as a sometime actor, writer, critic, and journalist. She’ll be sharing all this, and more, at a reading and book signing this Saturday, March 25 at Sarasota Museum of Art’s The Works. //Click Here for my Q&A with JJB

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