October 5th, 2015

A Fashion Editor’s Latest Obsession: Clé de Peau Beaute


Never thought of myself a makeup junkie, but the lux gloss is out of the tube (so to speak). I’m more than addicted; I’m enamored with Clé de Peau Beaute, thanks to my friend Shoko Kubota, knower of all things chic.

For one thing, I love that it’s a Japanese company–a culture known for their commitment to the nature and science of beauty. Then they teamed their history with modern French refinement.

Secondly, the product line–from innovative skincare to intense color–has endless allure. To describe it as luxurious, lustrous and illuminating is…not enough. The texture is rich. You must try them out to get the feel.

Clé de Peau’s palate for fall is fiercely on trend, with a color-rich collection of light-reflecting eye quads, dewy shades of enriched lip luminizers and serums that will make you believe in serums again. And wait till you see the Collection Bal Masqué, inspired by the seductive hues of Venice. Have I used the word divine yet?

Perhaps I’m obsessed. So, with that admission, I’m happy to whisper a few of my faves–like the lip and eye brightening serums and the jewel-toned eye colors that are so smooth they can be applied with your fingertip. Yes, your fingertip. Not to forget the award-winning concealer–it’s the favorite of all beauty and fashion editors, not just this one.

Got your attention? Click here for more from a Clé de Peau insider, Maree Lavo, vice president of education.

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September 29th, 2015

Get to Know Banana Moon Swimwear with Creative Director: Justine Flachaire



Family owned Banana Moon swimwear has grown to more than 60 boutiques throughout Europe and the Caribbean since its inception in 1984, with the only U.S. location right here in Sarasota, at The Mall at University Town Center.  The fun and flirty style of swimwear and sunwear is no doubt inspired by their headquarters in Monaco and its access to the phenomenal fabrics of  France, Spain and Italy–which, by the way, are highly chlorine resistant and quick-dry, with SPF protection.

I got to know Banana Moon’s creative director and designer Justine Flachaire.  In this fun interview, she shares how to care for swimsuits, as well as the must-have style of the moment. Click Here for More @SarasotaMagazine.com

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August 25th, 2015

An Interview with Iconic Fashion Designer Zang Toi


The House of Toi was established more than 25 year ago by Zang Toi–and since then, not only has the dynamic, Malaysian-born designer created glamour for the feminine form, he’s also made a name for himself dressing the likes of notables, icons and royalty like Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawcett, Patti LaBelle, Melinda Gates and Saudi princess Haifa Bandar Al Saud.

Cool thing–Zang and company (meaning runway show) will be in Tampa for an event called CITY on September 19. Tickets are still available and can be had by clicking  www.cityfashionevent.com. Or make an appointment with Sarasota’s Saks Fifth Avenue (941-364-5311) for one of its ultra-exclusive appointments to meet and work with Zang himself while his trunk show is in store. He’ll be there September 20 and 21 from 12-3 p.m.

Zang was generous enough to catch up with me amidst all the pre-Fashion Week craziness — here’s a quick Q&A to get to know the man, find out what it was like to dress Elizabeth Taylor (!) and learn about the theme for the CITY runway…//Click Here for More @SarasotaMagazine.com

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August 17th, 2015

The Latest Innovation in Hair: The Calligraphy Cut

LB2015_8-fin_Layout 1-9

If you haven’t heard about the calligraphy cut yet, you will–it’s going to become one of those things you hear about over and over again. It’s the the future of hair styling. I’d liken it to how Sassoon changed the world of hair with a pair of scissors–only this time, it’s German-born master-stylist Frank Brormann with a calligraphy pen-like tool.

What’s cool is that Nuovo Salon Group is on the cutting edge (that pun wasn’t intended, but it happened!) of this trend and has brought the calligraphy cut to Sarasota. In fact only 10 salons are licensed to perform this cut in the U.S., and four of those are Nuovo. And I just happened to have the honor of Brormann’s first cut here in Sarasota–my hair is lighter and dances with so much movement that it becomes the topic of conversation wherever I go these days.

Now one of the most sought-after men in the industry, Brormann is traveling the world styling and training others with this cleverly inventive hair cut and style. While he was jet-setting I caught up with him for a quick Q&A to learn just a little bit more.//Click Here for More @SarasotaMagazine.com

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July 3rd, 2015

Tatcha Japanese Skincare Founder Victoria Tsai Shares Her Beauty Secrets


Does anyone relate when I say that a daily skincare routine sometimes feels much more like a chore than a beauty ritual?  Well, lately it’s become a little more luxurious since I’ve found Tatcha, a Japanese skincare line. I happened upon Tatcha’s site as I was actively Googling Japanese beauty products–it was time for a change, and why not trust a culture that knows best? Click Here for More @SarasotaMagazine.com

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May 20th, 2015

Blush Bridal Opens in Downtown Sarasota


If you’ve been to downtown Sarasota lately, you’ve likely noticed an infusion of feminine entrepreneurial spirit popping up all over–the latest being Blush Bridal.  One step inside and you feel like you could be in any chic metropolitan city shopping for the dress. But you’ll feel right at home in the boutique because the creative founders are the sharp and lovely Fondren Watts (Sarasotan by birth) and Nicole Mei (of the Cafe Baci family); both community-minded women who call this wonderful city home.

The fashion-minded duo were inspired to bring Blush to Sarasota by their own search experiences for their dream wedding gowns. That’s why you’ll find a carefully curated selection of couture wedding dresses for the discerning bride in a modern, fresh setting in which you’ll feel just as special as a bride-to-be-should.//Click Here for a Fun Interview with Fondren & Nicole


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May 6th, 2015

Meet Shinola’s Creative Director Daniel Caudill


I’m about to introduce you–if you’re not already in the know–to one of the must-know luxury brands.  The line, which launched just four short years ago, is making a name for itself as Shinola. Based in Detroit, a rightful source of pride for the company and it’s employees, Shinola is new-luxury made (mostly) in America, with every attention to detail paid and every mark of quality craftsmanship evident in each timepiece. Click Here for More @SarasotaMagazine.com

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